Welcome to the Orange Army Fan Club Membership Application

The following the Orange Army Fan Club Code of Conduct, all members must agree to abide by this Code of Conduct prior to becoming a member. Please read the following carefully before submitting your application for membership. 

1. Conduct yourself with decorum and politeness at all Orange Army and Kansas City Mavericks Hockey Organization functions. This includes home games and away games, postings on Internet sites affiliated with the Orange Army or the Kansas City Mavericks Hockey Organization, and includes treatment towards opposing teams’ fans, players, coaches, staff, and ECHL officials, whether on or off the ice. The Board of Directors shall remove from the club any member who posts profanity on any Internet site affiliated with the Orange Army, the Kansas City Mavericks Hockey Organization or the ECHL. The definition of profanity includes any words prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission from being broadcast on public television or radio.

2. Follow the rules and regulation of the arenas in which we play.

3. Harassing, Kansas City Mavericks hockey players or any visiting teams’ players will not be tolerated. This includes stalking as defined by state statute, phone calls, emails, text messages, Internet messages on Facebook or other similar platforms, letters, pictures or faxes.

4. There shall be no unwarranted or unwelcome contact between players or other Orange Army members. Unwarranted contact shall include, but not be limited to, inappropriate contact with players, players’ families, or significant others unless approved by the players.

5. There shall be no unauthorized possession, distribution, or use of private phone, mobile phone numbers, home addresses, private email addresses, or personal possessions of any of the Kansas City Mavericks Hockey Organization - players or staff members, or Orange Army Members or Board of Directors.

6. Before bestowing a gift or making a loan to a player under contract with the Kansas City Mavericks Hockey Organization, members of the Orange Army shall make themselves aware of the ECHL rules regarding gifts to players, and avoid any activity that could reasonably be considered a violation of the ECHL's salary cap rules.

7. Condition of membership shall include a signed agreement to abide by the rules set forth in the Orange Army Code of Conduct and its By-Laws.

8. Members and Directors of the Orange Army will honor and abide by all terms of contracts between the Orange Army and the Kansas City Mavericks Hockey Organization.


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