The Orange Army Meeting Minutes


August 13, 2015


         I.            Call to order

President Mary Ann Gormly called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Orange Army at 7:00 p.m. on August 13, 2015.  The meeting was held in the Party Room.


      II.            Attendance

An attendance sheet was circulated.  The following persons were present:  Mary Ann Gormly, Charlene & Ken Bledsoe, Kity Smith, Michele & Cailin Sumpter, Kathy & Jenna Harmon, Brian & Donna & Brianna Bauer, Stephanie Goldberg, Larry Butler, Sandy Willis, Jeanne & Jason Lloyd, Rose Abrams, Frank & Stephanie Spevak, and Larry Butler.


    III.            Approval of minutes from last meeting

June meeting minutes were presented in hardcopy for those members who did not receive them.  A motion was made to accept the June minutes as they were presented.  Motion was seconded and passed.


    IV.            Open issues

a.       Fan Club Table at games – Will post to Facebook and send an email to gather more input on how often we should have a fan club table at games.  Also see how many people would be willing to volunteer to help man the table.  If everyone would volunteer for just one game, you would only have to do it once.  One benefit of volunteering is that you get in the IEC early, which is nice when they have give aways.


b.      By-Law Committee – The By-Law’s need to be revised and updated.   If you are interested in being on this committee please contact Mary Ann.


c.       Apartments – The Mavericks are still in negotiations on the apartments.  The boxes are all organized and ready to go.  If you have any gently used queen size sheet sets you would like to donate, please contact Kathy Harmon.  Volunteers will be needed to help set up the apartments.

      V.            New business

a.       We will have one potluck with the players during training camp.  We don’t have a date or location yet.  We will also have another potluck later in the season


b.      We can have a Fan Club table at the season ticket holder pick up.  This will be October 8th before the Black & Orange game.  We will need a few volunteers to help.


c.       This year there will be several away game watch party locations.  They don’t have everything finalized yet, but one will be in Independence, one in Johnson County, KS, and then possibly The Blue Line in Riverside.  Once they have the locations set we will share that information.  They will also be rotating the Coach’s Show between the locations.


d.      Fan Fest is September 12th from 11:00 – 1:00. We are asking for gently used twin or full size comforters to be given to the players as “bus blankets”.  Any extra comforters will be donated to one of the charities the Mav’s are working with this year.  We also need volunteers to help man the fan club table.  Please contact Mary Ann if you’re interested in helping out.


e.      The Mav’s have chosen the following charities this year: Hope House, Community Services League, Boys & Girls Club, Folds of Honor, and Save A Warrior.  We will be looking for ways to help out these charities.


f.        The Mav’s will have a new slogan this year.  We will be able to use it on our Fan Club shirts. Brianna Bauer is working on some designs.


g.       Our October meeting would normally be on Oct. 8th.  This is the night of the Black & Orange Scrimmage.  Would like to see if there is interest in holding our meeting after the scrimmage.


h.      The Mav’s will let us know what the promotion nights are going to be.  We’d like to have the Orange Army lead the charge in showing our spirit on those nights.  They will have another 80’s night.


i.         The Mav’s will have 3 bobbleheads again this year.


j.        Scrapbooks – If you are interested in working on scrapbooks for the players this year please contact Mary Ann.


k.       In previous years, welcome books were done for each of the apartments with info about the area.  It included such things as banks, churches, grocery stores and restaurants.  It was discussed that the players just use their phones for that info now.  It was discussed doing some sort of baskets for players who have children.


l.         If you have pictures of the Orange Army at different events please send them to Mary Ann.  We would like to have either a display board or scrapbook to use on the fan club table to show people what we do.


m.    The next meeting will be September 17th.


    VI.            Adjournment

President Mary Ann Gormly adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.




Respectfully submitted by

Kity Smith, Secretary

The Orange Army




MaryAnn Gormly – President

Cell: 816.520.5839

Brian Bauer – Vice-President  


Kity Smith – Secretary

Cell:  816-305-3224


Sandy Willis – Activities Director  


Fan Club Email Address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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