The Orange Army Meeting Minutes




January 14, 2016




  1. Call to order

    President Mary Ann Gormly called to order the regular monthly meeting of the Orange Army at 7:00 p.m. on January 14, 2016. 


  2. Attendance

    An attendance sheet was circulated.  The following persons were present:  Mary Ann Gormly, Kity Smith, Kathy Harmon, Donna & Brianna Bauer, Patti & Tricia Dickson, Sandy Willis.


  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting

    November meeting minutes were presented in hardcopy for those members who did not receive them.  A motion was made to accept the November minutes as they were presented.  Motion was seconded and passed.


  4. Open issues


  1. Fan Club Table at games –We have had no volunteers to help staff the table so it was decided to not have a table at home games.  If there is a special event that the Mav’s would like help with we will help.

  2. Checking to see if we could have a potluck in the mid to end of March time frame.



  1. New business


  1. Discussion concerning creating a letter to leave in the apartments at the beginning of the season that would provide some information to the players.  It would include a list of items that we have available for the players that we don’t place in every apartment, who they need to contact if they need something, info that they have been provided a bus blanket to use instead of their comforters.  We would also put the bus blankets in the apartments.

  2. Due to all the home games and events we will not be having a February meeting.  Our March meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 10th.

  3. Question was asked concerning an Orange Army skate with the team.  Last year we struggled to get people to participate.  We would need 100 people committed to actually skating in order to make this happen.  A post will be made on the Facebook group to see if we have enough interest to pursue the event.

  4. Question was also asked concerning the usual Season Ticket Holder events ie. Skate with the team, STH party with the team.  Mary Ann will check into this, but when she talked to Tim Viera concerning Ladies Night he state there are other events that haven’t been finalized yet.

  5. Upcoming game night events:

    January 23rd – 80’s Night

    January 29th – Princess Night

    February 6th – Superhero Night

    February 13th – Pink in the Rink

    February 16th – USA Day

    February 28th – Racing Night

    March 4th – Lego Night


  6. Upcoming events:

    January 20th – Team Store Player Appearance

    January 21st – Coaches Show at Blueline Hockeybar

    January 24th – BBQ with the Boys at Plowboys BBQ

    February 1st – Ladies Night

    February 4th – Coaches Show at Hollywood Casino

    March 7th – Coaches Show at Rock & Brews

    March 28th – Coaches Show at Argosy Casino



  1. Adjournment

    President Mary Ann Gormly adjourned the meeting at 7:36 p.m.




    Respectfully submitted by

    Kity Smith, Secretary

    The Orange Army










MaryAnn Gormly – President


Cell: 816.520.5839




Brian Bauer – Vice-President






Kity Smith – Secretary


Cell:  816-305-3224




Sandy Willis – Activities Director






Fan Club Email Address


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