The Orange Army


Fan Club By-Laws


as of April 29, 2014




Mission Statement


The mission of The Orange Army, Official Fan Club of the Missouri Mavericks is to support the Missouri Mavericks Professional Hockey Team and its players on and off the ice, support and promote interest in amateur and professional hockey and ice skating in Independence and the surrounding area, while encouraging growth of the Orange Army by providing social activities and entertainment opportunities for all club members, Mavericks players, families and staff and support charitable endeavors.




General Meetings


The club will meet at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month, unless the board of directors determines there is a conflict and announces a change via public message boards commonly used by the Orange Army.




Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct is established to set the guidelines for acceptable behavior for members of the Orange Army.  The code is designed to protect the integrity of the Orange Army and our working relationship with the management of the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization.




All members shall conduct themselves according to club by-laws. The Board of Directors will review any and all reports of violations of the following listed rules:


  1. Conduct yourself with decorum and politeness at all Orange Army and Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization functions.  This includes home games and away games, postings on Internet sites affiliated with the Orange Army or the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization, and includes treatment towards opposing teams’ fans, players, coaches, staff, Central Hockey League (CHL) officials, whether on or off the ice.  The Board of Directors shall levy a fine of $20 against any member who posts profanity on any Internet site affiliated with the Orange Army, the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization or the Central Hockey League.  The definition of profanity includes any words prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission from being broadcast on public television or radio.

  2. Follow the rules and regulation of the arenas in which we play.

  3. Harassing of the Missouri Mavericks hockey players or any visiting teams’ players will not be tolerated. This includes stalking as defined by state statute, phone calls, emails, text messages, Internet messages on Facebook or other similar platforms, letters, pictures or faxes.

  4. There shall be no unwarranted or unwelcome contact between players or other Orange Army members.  Unwarranted contact shall include, but not be limited to, inappropriate contact with players, players’ families, or significant others unless approved by the players.

  5. There shall be no unauthorized possession, distribution, or use of private phone, mobile phone numbers, home addresses, private email addresses, or personal possessions of any of the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization - players or staff members, or Orange Army Members or Directors.

  6. Before bestowing a gift or making a loan to a player under contract with the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization, members of the Orange Army shall make themselves aware of the CHL rules regarding gifts to players, and avoid any activity that could reasonably be considered a violation of the CHL's salary cap rules.

  7. Condition of membership shall include a signed agreement to abide by the rules set forth in the Orange Army Code of Conduct and its By-Laws.

  8. Members and Directors of the Orange Army will honor and abide by all terms of contracts between the Orange Army and the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization.




Violations of the listed behaviors should be reported in writing to any director of the Fan Club. Complaints will be investigated as defined in the Orange Army By-Laws.  Cause for complaints can include but are not be limited to:


  1. Violations of the Orange Army By-Laws;

  2. Violations of the Code of Conduct of the Orange Army;

  3. Violation of any rule of practice duly adopted by the Membership;

  4. Conduct that might be viewed as detrimental to the welfare, interests, or character of the    Orange Army or of the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization.




Actions of the Board of Directors concerning complaints may include, but are not limited to:


  1. Written warning to the member;

  2. Suspension of membership;

  3. Dismissal from the Orange Army.






Dismissal Proceedings:


In order to dismiss a member, the Board of Directors shall place a public inquiry into the matter on the agenda for an upcoming meeting of the Orange Army.  The accused will be informed of the proceedings either directly or through public postings commonly used by the Orange Army.  The accused will be given an opportunity for defense.  Nonattendance of the accused at the inquiry will not delay the proceedings.  At the conclusion of the public inquiry, members present will vote to declare the accused either guilty or innocent of the charges.  If found guilty by a majority of members present, the offender will be notified of their termination from the Orange Army, effective immediately, and written notification of the action shall be sent to the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization. In the event that the violation involves a Director of the Orange Army, a termination of membership in the club results in automatic impeachment.




Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of the Club shall be: The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Director.




Agenda Items


The Board of Directors has sole authority to place any items on the agenda for Orange Army meetings that call for a vote of the general membership. If no membership vote is required, any member of the Orange Army shall have the authority to place an item on the agenda.  However, if it is determined through public discussion of the item that a membership vote should immediately be taken, the matter first requires a majority approval of the Board of Directors before it can be brought to a vote by the general membership.




Impeachment of Directors


Impeachment of any director shall require the filing of a written complaint signed by twenty-five (25%) percent of the Club’s voting membership and must be presented to any director.  Once the complaint is determined to include 25 percent of the Club's voting membership, the board member in question shall be informed and such complaint must be read to the membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  Time shall be given to the Director in question to explain his/her side of the complaint. A vote will then be held.




Said Director may then be removed by a majority vote of the eligible voting membership present. Should a position be so vacated, a Board election shall be held to fill said position at a Board meeting called for that purpose, with the exception of the office of the President, which office shall be taken by the Vice-President for the remainder of the unexpired term.  All responsibilities and/or club properties of such impeached Director shall be remanded to the Club immediately upon termination of office.






In the event that a member of the Board of Directors desires to resign, the resignation shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall vote to accept the resignation and to establish an effective date for that resignation.  Membership shall be informed of the results of the vote at the next general meeting.  The President shall inform the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization of the resignation within a reasonable period of time.






Membership in the Club shall be granted to those in mutual agreement.  The Secretary and the Mavericks Front Office is responsible for keeping the member database up to date, signing up new members, updating and printing the membership forms. The Mavericks Front Office will be responsible for producing membership cards.  Membership forms should be printed in Duplicate.  One copy stays with the Mavericks Front Office, one copy goes to the Secretary.




Section 1: The fiscal year of the Orange Army shall be June 1 through May 31.  Annual memberships shall run through the fiscal year.




Section 2: The Board of Directors will vote to accept members until there are at least ten (10) members in the club who are eligible to vote.




Section 3: A person must be on the current membership list to be eligible for any current season functions. Membership cards must be presented upon demand at any club related function.




Section 4: Definition of membership types: Single (one vote), Family (two votes) and Corporate (One vote), Honorary Member (no vote).




Individual (voting) memberships are for any single persons over the age of 18. Family (voting) memberships are for any persons over the age of 18.  Corporate (voting) membership includes posting of the company logo on the Orange Army web site. Honorary Membership (no voting privileges) can be offered to anyone that the board deems fit. All employees of the Mavericks Hockey Organization are automatically considered honorary members of the Orange Army.




Section 5: A membership shall be divided into two groups: voting and non-voting (17 years of age and under) at the time of the application. The “voting membership” shall consist of all current members who are at least eighteen (18) years of age. Those current members who are seventeen (17) years of age or under at the time of the application shall constitute the “non-voting membership.”




Section 6: The following items shall be granted to each new member of the Club:


    1. A membership/ID card

    2. A copy of the Code of Conduct and By-Laws

    3. Admittance onto all Orange Army affiliated Internet and Facebook sites that are open to general membership.




Membership cards shall be issued each year to renewing members as well as new members. The


Secretary will notify members of any changes in their membership status.




Section 7: Orange Army members are at times privy to private information about Fan Club business, personal information about players and staff or other information given by the front office.  These are confidential matters and should not be discussed outside of meetings, posted on message boards, or relayed to anyone not directly involved.  Public discussions about specific player injuries are prohibited, other than being described as an upper body or lower body injury. Failure to keep private information confidential can result in disciplinary action up to or including termination of membership.




Section 8: Any member witnessed conducting himself or herself at any Club function in a manner against the Code of Conduct or which could have a derogatory affect against the reputation of the Orange Army as a whole, should be reported in writing to a director. Such conduct may result in suspension or termination of membership.




Section 9: Any acts that could be considered purposeful sabotage against the Orange Army or the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization shall automatically result in an investigation by the Board of Directors and consideration of dismissal proceedings.  Acts of sabotage include removing or otherwise inhibiting Orange Army Internet sites in an unauthorized manner, sending unauthorized e-mails, impersonating a board member, slandering the Orange Army or the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization, or any other acts detrimental to reputation of the Orange Army or the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization that inhibit their ability to conduct business.




Section 10: Any allegation of unauthorized use of Orange Army funds or misappropriation of Orange Army funds allocated for a specific purpose shall automatically result in an investigation by the Board of Directors and consideration of dismissal proceedings.




Standing Committees


Standing committees shall meet at least once a month during the hockey season and regularly report to the Activities Director on their activities and discussions.  Committee members will vote on material actions and rules involving activities of the club and the chairperson will present those votes to the Director of Committees as a recommendation for approval. The actions and recommendations voted on by committees are not official until approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. 




Committees shall be limited to ten (10) members each on a first come first served basis.  The Board of Directors will furnish sign-up sheets for committees at a general meeting shortly after the beginning of the fiscal year and facilitate the initial election of committee chairs.  Only members of a committee may vote for a committee chairperson.  Co-chairs are allowed, but they run and hold office on an individual ticket.  If one co-chair resigns, a new election for committee chairperson must be held.  Co-chairs maintain their right to vote individually at committee meetings.




Once a committee and chairperson is established, if that committee does not have ten (10) members, new members must submit a written request to join a committee, dated and timed, and submit it to the committee chairperson.  No member in good standing may be rejected from becoming a member of a committee unless there are already ten (10) members on that committee.




Committee chairs serve at the pleasure of members of the committee.  Any official member of a committee may at any time during an official committee meeting call for election of a new chairperson.  If an election is called for, a special committee meeting must be scheduled within one month.  All committee members and the Director of Committees must be informed of the special meeting.  The election will Occur at the special meeting and only committee members will be allowed to vote.  The Director of Committees will run the election and only vote in the event of a tie.  The candidate with the most votes will become the chairperson.




Membership Committee


Responsible for the solicitation and signing of new members;  maintains the integrity of the membership list; provides new members with membership cards;  validates the voting members for the annual Membership meeting and election of directors of the Board of Directors;  collects membership dues submitted with membership applications and immediately turns them over to the Treasurer after validating the membership application; provides the Board of Directors with a current list of members and their mailing/email addresses.  The Chairperson of the Membership Committee will furnish a list of member names upon request by any member in good standing.  The chairperson will also work in conjunction with the Treasurer to facilitate entering member information into a computerized database.




Fundraising Committee


Organizes all fundraising activities and events; responsible for coordinating fund raising events such as: garage sales, dinners, poker runs, Bingo, etc.. This director shall also be responsible for generating ideas for items to sell on the Orange Army web site, at the Orange Army table during home games and other events, and getting approval for such items from the Orange Army Board of Directors.  The Fundraising Chairman shall have the power to authorize and conduct any official fundraising event that involves no cost to the Orange Army, but must inform the Orange Army Board of Directors before the event is held.  The Orange Army Board of Directors can approve a fundraiser with a cost of less than $200, but the Secretary must record the affirmative vote of a majority of the Orange Army Board of Directors and present the results of that vote to membership after reading the minutes at the end of the next general meeting.  If conducting a fundraiser has a cost of more than $200, it must be approved by a membership vote.




The Fundraising Chairman does not have sole authority to sign sponsorships.  The Orange Army Board of Directors must approve any sponsors for fundraising events or other official Orange Army events. The Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization is also allowed to negotiate terms with sponsors on behalf of the Orange Army.




Entertainment Committee


Plans and coordinates entertainment possibilities for member events and Mavericks players.  This committee will plan and implement meals for the players during training camp and any other occasions as directed by the Orange Army Board of Directors.  This director will also provide snacks for the bus that are approved by the coach of the Missouri Mavericks.  Social events COULD include, but are not limited to:


  1. Welcome Party Thanksgiving Party Holiday Party

  2. Pot Luck

  3. And an Awards Banquet




Hospitality Committee


Responsible for setting up player apartments in preparation for their arrival and breaking down apartments after they end their duties with the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Club; responsible for organizing apartment cleaning, only if requested by the coach or other administration of the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Club; responsible for maintaining an inventory of apartment supplies owned by the Orange Army and organizing the storage of that inventory.  They will also make sure the apartments are stocked with necessities.  It will be their responsibility to send items such as cards/ baskets to the players for instances such as a birthday, surgery, death in the family, etc. When a death affects someone in the Orange Army, they could also send a card.  The committee will also work on making the players apartments homey.  Make sure that they have all the items that they need (enough silverware, towels, etc.)




Technology Committee


The Technology Committee is responsible for assisting the club with electronic communications, maintaining the web site and assisting the Orange Army in a general manner to accomplish goals through the use of technology; responsible for monitoring Orange Army web sites, Facebook page and other electronic communications for violations of the Orange Army Code of Conduct.


Booth Committee


Responsible for displaying information and products at the Orange Army's booth at all home games and other Orange Army events;  Responsible for setting up and getting workers for the table, communication with volunteers and reminding them of obligations. Without sufficient volunteers to work a particular event, the chairperson has the authority to close the booth, but the chairperson retains responsibility for the safe keeping of the inventory.




Travel Committee


The Travel Committee is responsible for reviewing the Mavericks schedule and identifying potential road trips for fans to take.  Once identified, the committee then explores different travel options at a variety of costs and shares its recommendations with the Board of Directors.  The Travel committee then can work in conjunction with the Board of Directors and other committees to advertise and get people to sign up for the trip.  The Board of Directors will make the final determination on if the road trip will actually occur, basing the decision on the interest shown by membership.  Anyone participating in a road trip organized by the club must sign a waiver releasing the club from any liability related to the trip.




Election of Directors


Section 1: In order to be eligible for election to the Board of Directors or any other office, you must be a


member in good standing.  A member in good standing is anyone who abides by the Code of Conduct and By-Laws.  The member must also have attained the age of 18 and be on the voting membership list by or before December 31 of the current membership year.




Section 2: Election of Directors


The Directors shall be elected by the majority vote of the General Membership present during a special meeting in May.  The directors will be elected for one (1) year terms.


The Directors shall take office on the first day of June.




Section 4: Directors may not serve in the same capacity for more than four (4) succeeding elected terms. No elected person may concurrently hold more than one (1) elected position.


The Board of Directors will receive no monetary compensation for their services.




Section 5: In case of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall succeed to the office of


President for the remainder of the unexpired term.  Other vacancies occurring on the Board shall be filled promptly by Board election from the membership, such elected members to serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.




Section 6: Absence from any three (3) consecutive meetings by a Director or Committee Chairman without sufficient cause, as deemed by the Board of Directors, shall automatically forfeit membership on the Board of Directors and/or the committee they chair. A request to be excused from meetings must be received by a Director prior to the opening of the meeting.




Section 7: To be eligible to run for President, you must have been a member in good standing for at least two years prior to seeking election for President.




Section 8: To be eligible to run for Treasurer, you may not have a felony conviction.





Duties of Directors


Section 1:  President


The President shall preside at all regular, special and open meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Club.  The President shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.  The President shall enforce the Constitution/By-Laws as required, rule on questions of order, have sole authority to negotiate contracts or appoint a member to negotiate on the club's behalf, be empowered to sign official documents relating to the organization and its activities that were approved by the Board of Directors and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the office of President.  The President will be the point of contact person with the designated representative of the Missouri Mavericks Hockey Organization and serve as the official public relations representative for the Orange Army.  With the exception of election of the Board of Directors and Awards, the President shall not have a vote except in the event of a tie. The President will communicate with the Vice President regularly, no less than once a month, to keep the Vice-President informed of his/her activities.




Section 2:  Vice-President


The Vice-President shall execute the duties of the President in the absence of the President, and shall assist the President at all times.  At all other times, the Vice-President shall consult with the President before making any decisions.  The Vice President will temporarily assume the duties of any vacant position on the Board of Directors or of a vacant committee chair, in the event of an illness or until a replacement is elected. When assuming duties of a vacated position on the Board of Directors, the Vice President will still have only one vote. In the event of multiple vacancies or a conflicting schedule, the Vice President has the authority to appoint a designee or designees to temporarily assume the duties of a vacant position.  The designee or designees will not have a vote on the Board of Directors.  The designee or designees serve at the pleasure of the Vice President, who can revoke the authority of a designee at any time, for any reason.  The Vice President will be responsible for handling announcements of events, activities, reminders and other various pieces of information.  The Vice-President shall recognize all invited guests at the general membership meetings.




Section 3: Secretary


The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Board and Club meetings, and report on all other official functions.  In addition, a copy of the Constitution/By-Laws, Amendments, current list of Club properties and other Club records shall be maintained by the Secretary and available to the


Board at all times.  The Secretary shall keep an exact and impartial record of the proceedings of all meetings.  He/She shall have in their possession at all meetings, a copy of the By-Laws.


The Secretary shall be responsible for any official club correspondence and notifying the Board and General Membership of all meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining a copy of membership applications.




Section 4: Treasurer


The Treasurer shall collect all monies due the Club and deposit in a bank selected by the Board.  The Treasurer shall also: issue receipts; issue checks for all authorized debts; keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements and prepare a written monthly financial report. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for the preparation of a written annual operating statement.  The Treasurer shall be an ex- officio member of all committees concerned with financial activities of the Club.  The Treasurer shall make no disbursements without approval of the Board or general membership. There shall be no disbursements without a receipt. The Treasurer shall have the authority to create or consolidate various accounts, with notification to the Board of Directors, for the purpose of accurately recording the receipts and disbursements of monies officially allocated and approved by membership. The Treasurer is responsible to prepare and file taxes for the club, and to maintain and inform the Orange Army Board of Directors of all legal matters pertaining to the club in regards to incorporation or other matters. The Treasurer must maintain and ensure the Orange Army' post office box is being regularly checked. The Treasurer is responsible to have at least one other member of the Orange Army Board of Directors trained on the use of the club's accounting system at all times.




Section 5: Activities Director


The Activities Director is the official supervisor of all the committees of the fan club, and is responsible for communicating with all committee chairs and relaying information to the Board of Directors. The Activities Director is a voting member of all committees, and is not subject to attendance rules. The Activities Director is responsible for encouraging the flow of information between the Committees and their Chairperson/s, and the Chairperson/s and the Board of Directors, and therefore has the power to require regular written reports to be submitted by committee chairs or any other means necessary to stay informed of committee activities. Committee chairs that violate the communication rules established by the Activities Director are subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.




Special Committees


Section 1: The Election Committee shall consist of five (5) members to be appointed by the Board of Directors in April.  This Committee shall function immediately upon being appointed.  The Nominating committee shall conduct the election and be dissolved immediately following the election.  The Chairperson of the Nominating Committee will turn over all final voting ballots in a sealed envelope to the President, to read the results aloud to membership. The ballot is turned over to the Secretary and retained for a period of one (1) year, with results recorded in the minutes.




Section 2: By-Laws Committee


This group will meet at least once a year to review the club's By-Laws, and make recommendations for revisions, updates and amendments.  Changes must first be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.  For the revisions to be enacted, they must be placed on the agenda for a regular meeting and approved by a majority of members present.




Section 3: The Board of Directors, according to the nature of the duties or projects, shall determine special committees as the occasion shall arise.  Committees shall be comprised from the general membership.  Any special committee shall function immediately upon being appointed and shall be dissolved at the conclusion of its assigned task.  A special committee shall take no action until approval to proceed has been granted by the Board of Directors.







Section 1: There shall be at least twelve (12) General Membership meetings each year, once every month. Board of Directors meetings shall be at the discretion of the President, but the Board shall meet monthly.




Section 2: Special Board meetings shall be by request in writing by three (3) members of the Board to the President, or by a signed petition of twenty-five (25) members to the Board, stating the exact purpose of the special meeting. Special meetings may transact only such business as specified in the call.






Section 1: No member shall solicit, on behalf of the Club, for donations or gifts of any kind without prior approval of the Board.




Section 2: Payments of more than $200 must first be approved by membership vote.




Section 3: Checks issued for the disbursement and/or payment of funds from the treasury over $200.00 shall require prior approval vote of membership and the signature of any two directors.  The Treasurer shall have the authority to write single signature checks under $200.00 with verbal approval from any two other directors, but shall log in the memo of the check the names of the other two directors granting approval.




Section 4: Two (2) Directors must approve all debit/credit card purchases prior to making said purchase. Receipt will be signed by the two (2) approving Directors.




Section 5: No reimbursements shall be made without receipts.




Section 6: This organization shall not dissolve as long as there are ten (10) paid memberships. If the number of paid memberships falls below ten (10), and in the event of dissolution, club funds and properties shall be donated to the Jr. Mavericks organization.


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