The orange army fan club

Meeting Minutes   

8/3/17  7:06pm | Meeting called by Mary Ann Gormly

Board members

MaryAnn Gormly/President 816-520-5839,  Jeremiah Griffith/Vice President 816-384-4231, Wendy Jensen/Secretary 816-504-7600, Kity Smith/Activities Director 816-305-3224





An attendance sheet was circulated. The following persons were present: MaryAnn Gormly, Jeremiah Griffith, Kity Smith, Wendy Jensen, Jason Lloyd, Jeanne Lloyd, Mark Jensen, Loren Smith, & Meghan Griffith


Approval of minutes from last meeting:

September meeting minutes were presented in hardcopy for those members who did not review them. A motion was made to accept the September minutes as they were presented. Motion was seconded and passed.


Open issues:

No open issues


New business:

Survey for OA fan club 26 questions/ open for 1 week- will be reviewed by the officers, then with Tim and Karson, will be gone over with fan club at next meeting (tentatively) August 31st 7:00pm.



Kity has touched base with Kyle Hood about the apartments and will update with new info as it is received about dates to set-up



Mavericks Fan Fest will be September 9th 11am- 2pm. Community Blood Center will be hosting blood drive at the event w/ shirt to whomever donates. We will have a table set-up for the day.



Training camp will be the 1st week of October.  Potlucks for the team will tentatively will be held: October 3rd and then another the 2nd week of camp



Pocket Schedule distribution is scheduled for August 19th time will be announced once finalized (probably earlier in the morning), will meet at SECA with the opportunity to sit in the Ice Box for a game early in the season.



The Black and Orange game will be held during the 2nd week of camp and non-perishable food donations will be collected to benefit the Community Service League- exact date will be announced.

Dinner on Ice is scheduled for Wednesday November 8th to benefit The Boys and Girls Club. More information will be released in the coming weeks.



Start saving your bandaids for Noah’s Bandage Project date and further information to be announced.



Kids’ game is scheduled for Nov. 14th 10:35am

Jr.Mavs golf tournament is Oct 10th

If you are a season ticket holder and not receiving the SEASON TICKET HOLDER EMAILS please send your name and email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message one of the officers

Nominating committee was formed, the members are: Mark Jensen, Meghan Griffith, and Michele Sumpter please message them if you would like to be considered for the 2017-18 incoming board.  Voting will be done on Thursday August 31st pending building availability.


Adjournment: President MaryAnn Gormly adjourned the meeting at 7:43pm




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