Meeting Minutes 10/24/17 7:02pm Meeting called by MaryAnn Gormly Board Members: President- MaryAnn Gormly (816) 520-5839 Vice President- Jeremiah Griffith (816) 384-4231 Secretary- Wendy Jensen (816) 504-7600 Activities Director- Kity Smith (816) 305-3224

Attendance: An attendance sheet was circulated. The following persons were present: MaryAnn Gormly, Wendy Jensen, Kity Smith, Stephanie Goldberg, Jason & Jeanne Llyod, David & Patti Lindquist, Pam Westbrook, Frank & Stephanie Spevak, and Mark Jensen.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: September 25th meeting minutes were presented in a hardcopy for those members who did not review them. A motion was made to accept the September minutes as they were presented. Motion was seconded and passed.

Open issues: Motion was made and voted on to change the by-laws for membership to TOAFC in the last meeting. New changes were to have a yearly membership enrollment, new punch card for members with a reward for event volunteering.

The new enrollment system will add your email to the list, enroll you and once your info is verified will add you to the new facebook page. There are 2 ways to access this enrollment.

1 st go to click the join now in the top right corner

2 nd go to the mavericks homepage, click fan zone, orange army, click on orange mac, it will then take you to the home page for fan club, click join now in the top right corner.

For those of you that cannot do this through internet, we will have hardcopies available for you as well. Please contact us if you have any issues or questions.

Upcoming events:

Noah's Bandage Project- Start saving your bandaids

Teddy Bear Toss- Stock up on those stuff animals, please make sure they are in something plastic

Shadow Buddies- buddies offer seriously ill or medically challenged children companionship of a friend "just like me"

Skate with Bob- help fight pancreatic cancer

Next fan Club- TBD provided space is available. Look for update on facebook page.

New business: Possibly doing Christmas cards for the players from the fan club.

Adjournment: President MaryAnn Gormly adjourned the meeting at 7:27pm. 

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